Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I went to the red light district in Daegu. It is similar to Amsterdam. There are girls in the windows, and you pick from them. My friend got me 25 minutes for 90,000 won. The girl was really hot. Nice body, and she had good sex technique. Uncovered BJ, sex was any position. I don't remember how to get to here, but if you ask a taxi for girls they will probably take you. The room was nice but there wasn't a shower. I would go there again.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Texas Street, Busan

Texas Street is the name of a foreigner street in Busan. By day it's a kind of Chinatown, although there are Uzbek, Turkish, Russian and other restaurants there. By night, it's full of whores and drunk Russians. Obviously, I went at night.

I was with two friends, one Korean and one foreign. Beware, this street has a lot of juicy bars where you won't get much and if you do you'll pay out the nose. I was looking for a Filipina girl but settled for a Russian. The Korean guy didn't know how to buy sex, first of all. He was asking straight up for sex, which is not kosher in Korea. I stepped in and was talking a little, asking about partying, that sort of thinly disguised code. After walking for a while, I saw a Russian girl. I talked to an older Korean woman, and she led us to a hotel. We went up to a cheap little motel room. I was pretty drunk at the time. It cost 80000 won for 30 minutes. The sex was good she had a nice body and knew how to fuck. She gave a covered blowjob, but she knew what she was doing. No limits on positions, but she wouldn't let me finger her pussy.

Overall, this was a good experience. I think I would do it again, but knowing about the private places, I need to wait for my friend to take me to have another experience.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Private Place (Seoul)

Since prostitution is illegal in Korea, it's gone somewhat underground. A Korean friend of mine knows a secret website where you can find places and people for sex. We found a place in Gangnam, Seoul to go to. It was really hush hush, no markings or any type of signage. Inside, there were a bunch of rooms. The rooms had a shower and bed in them. First you go in and shower, and then you wait for the girl to come in. Mine was pretty and a small girl. Had little tits but a nice tight pussy. Head was really good and sex was decent. Not the best I've ever had and the juicy bar girl from Itaewon was better, sex wise. I had 30 minutes for 70,000 won but there are different options, and you can even have two different girls. I don't think you can have them at the same time. Blowjob was with no condom, but sex had a condom. It was cool, there was a mirror in the room so I was making faces in and stuff while fucking. She didn't speak any English. I would definitely go to this place again. It will be hard, if not impossible, to find if you don't know the right people.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Like I said, prostitution is tolerated here. My first time having sex in Korea was in Itaewon, Seoul. I went to the infamous "Hooker Hill." It's a seedy red light district with a bunch of juicy bars and clubs. It's really close to the subway station, only about a 5 or 10 minute walk. When you see club Rio on your left, keep walking. It gets going about 11 PM or midnight. There are a lot of juicy bars on this street. There are different types of juicy bars. You can go to some and drop hundreds of thousands of won and not get anything. Some you can spend a lot less and get everything. I went to the latter establishment. I think most if not all of the bars on this street are of the full service variety.

I was with a couple friends. The girl was pretty and spoke English well. After buying her a few drinks, we went to the back to "party." She was surprisingly tight and decent at her job. BJ and FS were both covered. However, I ended up spending close to 200,000 won. I was with another Westerner and a Korean. My Korean friend got to play with her, no FS or BJ though, for a lot cheaper if that's what you're into. I would not recommend Hooker Hill unless you have a lot of money, are desperate, or are by yourself/only with other foreigners. I find most women attractive but there are some gross girls on that street. There are much cheaper ways to have a good time in Korea that I will post about another time.

Background information

I decided to create this blog to inform foreigners thinking of working or living in South Korea about sex here. Many of the blogs I've read are outdated or just say "eww hookers." Prostitution is illegal, but tolerated in Korea. I will share my stories here to give people information so they can be safe and enjoy themselves. I'm a Westerner living in Korea so your experience may vary.

Every town and city in Korea has some type of red light district. There are all kinds of services. You can go to Karaoke bars and pay girls to sing with you and touch you. You can go to juicy bars or girlie bars and buy girls drinks and they will talk to you. There are full service massage parlors and some places that are just straight up full service. I'm sure there are other establishments that I'm forgetting or haven't been to yet.