Monday, January 7, 2013

Texas Street, Busan

Texas Street is the name of a foreigner street in Busan. By day it's a kind of Chinatown, although there are Uzbek, Turkish, Russian and other restaurants there. By night, it's full of whores and drunk Russians. Obviously, I went at night.

I was with two friends, one Korean and one foreign. Beware, this street has a lot of juicy bars where you won't get much and if you do you'll pay out the nose. I was looking for a Filipina girl but settled for a Russian. The Korean guy didn't know how to buy sex, first of all. He was asking straight up for sex, which is not kosher in Korea. I stepped in and was talking a little, asking about partying, that sort of thinly disguised code. After walking for a while, I saw a Russian girl. I talked to an older Korean woman, and she led us to a hotel. We went up to a cheap little motel room. I was pretty drunk at the time. It cost 80000 won for 30 minutes. The sex was good she had a nice body and knew how to fuck. She gave a covered blowjob, but she knew what she was doing. No limits on positions, but she wouldn't let me finger her pussy.

Overall, this was a good experience. I think I would do it again, but knowing about the private places, I need to wait for my friend to take me to have another experience.

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